Vikings Volunteers, Welcome!

Volunteering is COMPULSORY for all families in 2021!

It takes a village to run a successful swim club…or at least a large group of engaged, enthusiastic, and committed parent volunteers!  Luckily for Vikings parents, volunteering for our summer swim club is also an extremely fun way to connect with other swim families and enjoy the hours we spend poolside together.

Everything you need to know about your volunteer obligations are set out in detail below. We have also created a Volunteer Log Sheet (click here) for you to record your volunteer hours and submit to our Volunteer Coordinator at the end of the season.

If you have any questions about your volunteering responsibilities or opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, or any other member of our Executive listed on our website.

NOTE: Volunteer Fees and Duties apply to the summer session ONLY.

**Now, please read on to find out what we need from you, and how you can get involved!!**

Volunteer Hour Requirements

To ensure that our volunteer responsibilities are shared equally and fairly, we ask every Vikings family to complete a certain number of volunteer hours over the summer.

At the time of registration for the summer season, we will require each family to provide a volunteer fee deposit (see below for deposit amounts). To receive a refund of all or part this deposit at the end of the summer season (Sept 2020), each Vikings family (regardless of the number of swimmers in the family) must complete volunteer hours for the Club.  To receive a FULL refund of the your volunteer deposit, your family must complete 15 volunteer hours (or 7 hours if all swimmers in your family are OCAT Limited Training Program Swimmers). These 15 or 7 hours are in ADDITION to the volunteer hours required at the Vikings Meet, Regionals and Provincials set out below.

If you complete fewer than 15 volunteer hours (or 7 hours if all swimmers in your family are OCAT Limited Training Program Swimmers), you will receive a partial / pro rata refund of your deposit. For example, if you complete 10 out of 15 volunteer hours, you will receive a refund of $150 (i.e. each volunteer hour is equal to $15).

The rules regarding deposits and refunds are the same for all Vikings. The only difference is in the number of hours / volunteer deposit required of swimmers participating in our OCAT Limited Training Program.

Our volunteer fee deposit and hour requirements for the 2020 season are as follows:

  1.  OCAT Limited Training Program Swimmers: 7 Hour Minimum OR $105 (deposit of this full amount taken at registration).  For details about this Limited Training Program, visit our OCAT page here. NOTE: The Vikings have a total of only 4 spots available in this program for the 2020 summer season: 2 in OCAT 1(1 girl, 1 boy) and 2 in OCAT 2 (1 girl, 1 boy).
  2. All other Swimmers: 15 Hour Minimum OR $225 (deposit of this full amount taken at registration).

**If you volunteer as a timer during the last shift at a swim meet, you will earn 1.5 volunteer hours for each hour you actually volunteer during the last shift. SO! If you complete a 2 hour timing shift, you will earn 3 volunteer hours!**

PLUS (i.e. in addition to the above 15 or 7 hours):

  1. OCAT Limited Training Program Swimmers: 4 Hours at the Vikings “Meet at the Beach”, July 18-19, 2020. Each family will be scheduled for 2 hours per day (for a total of 4 hours) on the “Meet at the Beach” weekend. These volunteer hours are MANDATORY.
  2. All other Swimmers: 8 Hours at the Vikings “Meet at the Beach”, July 18-19, 2020. Each family will be scheduled for 4 hours per day (for a total of 8 hours) on the weekend that we host our annual “Meet at the Beach” at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre! (See below for more information about this meet.) These volunteer hours are MANDATORY.
  3. ALL Swimmers: Regionals (early to mid August) and Provincials (mid to late August). If your children are swimming at either or both of the Regional or Provincial meets in August, you are expected to volunteer at these events as well. Note that OCAT Limited Training Program swimmers MUST attend Regionals and Provincials. These volunteer hours are MANDATORY.

Volunteer Deposit

As set out above, families must pay their volunteer deposit at the time of registration. Families who complete all or part of their required volunteer hours during the season will then receive a full or partial refund of this deposit at the end of the summer season, depending on the number of hours completed.

*If advance deposit of the summer volunteering fees creates a financial hardship for your family, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at prior to registration to discuss alternate payment arrangements regarding these amounts.

Volunteering Opportunities to Earn Your Hours

The Vikings offer many different ways to participate and contribute as a volunteer – there is something for everyone!

  • Club Activities and Functions. The Club organizes and presents a variety of social and other events throughout the season, beginning with our Blue & White in May. You can take on the task of organizing these events or activities, or agree to fulfill certain duties during the event itself (set up, take down, etc.). We will regularly put out a call by email for volunteers for particular events and jobs that need to be done, so keep your eye out for these!
  • Vikings Volunteer Group Leaders. We are always looking for engaged and enthusiastic parents to “lead” the various volunteer projects within our club (e.g. Fundraising, Social Events, etc.). If you are interested in taking on a leadership role in any of our volunteer areas, please contact any member of the current Board.
  • Swim Meets.  Starting at the end of May, the Vikings compete in a different swim meet nearly every weekend of the summer, right up until Provincials in late August.  (Each summer, you can find information about the meets we will attend on our Event Calendar.) These weekly meets offer the immensely enjoyable volunteer activity of timing swimmers on deck during their races – trust us, this is easy and fun! Each family can sign up for one timing shift when you arrive each morning at a swim meet, and sign up for subsequent shifts one hour after the start of the meet.  Additionally, you can work as a stroke and turn judge, place judge, or referee, all of which require specific training, which we will offer to those who are interested.

Hosting the “Meet at the Beach”, mid July

  • As we explained above, in addition to your minimum 15 / 7 volunteer hours, your family must also work a minimum of 8 hours at the annual “Meet at the Beach”, hosted by the Vikings Swim Club at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre in mid July (July 18-19, 2020).  Be sure to save that date!  Hosting this meet helps us to offset our costs and keep our fees as low as possible – and it is because of our parents’ active participation at this event that the Vikings are able to offer the kind of high-quality, organized, and enjoyable swim meet that we have become known for.
  • All Vikings parents must do their part by contributing food and / or performing on-site tasks, such as set-up/take-down, on-deck duties (e.g. timing), marshalling, ticket sales, silent auction, food service, etc.
  • The Volunteer Coordinator will create a master schedule of all volunteer shifts for the weekend, and we will advise of your assigned shifts prior to the meet. Please note that it may not be possible to accommodate everyone’s shift preferences.
  • If you work more than the required 8 hours at this meet, the additional time can be credited towards your minimum 15 (or 7) hour requirement.
  • Although we expect ALL Vikings families to participate in the Meet at the Beach, we understand that sometimes, things happen. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator as soon as possible if your family not be able to attend this event so that we can arrange alternate duties for you to complete in advance of the meet.

Volunteering at Regionals and Provincials

These meets are hosted jointly by all participating swim clubs. As such, the Vikings will be assigned a particular duty for each meet for which we will need to deliver a volunteer roster. Once we know what our Club responsibilities are for the Regional and Provincial meets, we will assign volunteer tasks to each family attending meets, as needed.

Earning Credit for Your Volunteer Work

Each family must log and record its completed volunteer hours, and have these hours verified by the Volunteer Coordinator, or a coach or executive member.  To earn credit for the work you have done, please submit a completed Volunteer Log Sheet (click here) to the Volunteer Coordinator at in September after the annual Awards Banquet. We will send out a reminder by email when these are due.

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