Vikings Volunteers, Welcome!

Winter Maintenance Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteer Responsibilities and Onsite Protocol-LB

Volunteer Responsibilities and Onsite Protocol-SGS WM

We are continuing with our volunteer fee requirement for Summer 2023.

It takes a village to run a successful swim club…or at least a large group of engaged, enthusiastic, and committed parent volunteers! Luckily for Vikings parents, volunteering for our summer swim club is also an extremely fun way to connect with other swim families and enjoy the hours we spend poolside together.

Everything you need to know about your volunteer obligations are set out in detail below. We have also created a Volunteer Log Sheet (click here) for you to record your volunteer hours and submit to our Volunteer Coordinator at the end of the season.

If you have any questions about your volunteering responsibilities or opportunities, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, or any other member of our Executive listed on our website.

NOTE: Volunteer Fees and Duties apply to the summer session ONLY.

**Now, please read on to find out what we need from you, and how you can get involved!!**