Code of Conduct for Swimmers

The Viking Club Executive would like the summer swim season to be a fun, safe and rewarding experience for all participants. The following guidelines should be kept in mind:

  • Attend practices.
  • Respect and co-operate with your coaches.
  • Work to the best of your ability to improve your swimming.
  • Display good sportsmanship.
  • Show respect for officials and pool staff.
  • When traveling, exhibit good behavior and a positive competitive spirit as you are representing your club to the community you are visiting.
  • Look after club property and any pool equipment you use.
  • Do not wear your outside shoes on the pool deck.
  • Refrain from the use of tobacco and drugs, including all alcoholic beverages, while participating in Vikings or BCSSA activities.
  • If you qualify in heats for a consolation or championship final, you are expected to stay and swim in it.
  • If you are the 1st or 2nd alternate for an event, you are expected to be at the Clerk of the Course when the event is called.

Coaches shall have the authority to set rules for the season regarding situations such as when an individual comes late to practice, or an individual misbehaves at practice. Parents will be told if there is a problem. In extreme circumstances, an individual may be suspended for a period of time, or may be asked to withdraw from the Club. Please direct any concerns to the Coaches’ Liasion Officer.

The following is the text of the Parent Code of Conduct approved by the Vikings Executive in March 2018 following approval of new club Bylaws by the members of the Vancouver Vikings Swim Club at an Extraordinary General Meeting on February 19, 2018. Parents must consent to the Code as part of the online registration process.

Vancouver Vikings Swim Club: Parent Code of Conduct

Swimmers enrolled in the Vancouver Vikings Swim Club (the Club) participate in the program for fun, friendship, exercise, and competition. Parents play a crucial role in their children’s personal and athletic development, as they have the opportunity to display and model for all swimmers key values such as commitment, discipline, teamwork, fairness, and respect.

This Parent Code of Conduct reflects the Vikings’ commitment to these values, and to creating an environment of respect, cooperation, and positive communication for swimmers, parents, coaches, volunteers and officials alike.

I hereby acknowledge and agree to comply with the following Vancouver Vikings Parent Code of Conduct:

  1. I will remember that my children participates in Vikings activities for his/her enjoyment only.
  2. I will encourage my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.
  3. I will teach my child that doing one’s best is as important as winning, and offer praise for competing fairly and giving a good effort.
  4. I will remember that children learn best by example, and will applaud performances by all competitors.
  5. I will treat all members of the BC Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA) community (including swimmers, parents, coaches, volunteers and officials) with respect at all times. Respectful behaviour includes, but is not limited to the following:
  6. Not yelling at, threatening, criticizing, insulting, ridiculing, or making negative comments to or about any coach, official, volunteer, parent or swimmer;
    b. Not questioning, interrupting, or confronting coaching staff on the pool deck during practice, swim meets, social events, or in any other public setting;
    c. Not questioning or confronting officials during a swim meet;
    d. Where I have any concerns regarding my child’s training or development, expressing these concerns to my child’s coach in private, at an agreed upon time, outside of practice. If I cannot resolve my concerns with the coach, I will speak with the Head Coach or the appropriate member of the Vikings Executive;
    e. Where I have any other concerns regarding the Vikings program, directing them to a member of the Vikings Executive;
    f. If my child has questions or concerns about his/her training or development, encouraging him/her to raise these with their coach personally, without my involvement (if possible and appropriate); and
    g. Not discussing with any Vikings coach the progress of swimmers other than my own child.
  7. I will actively participate in the organizing and running of meets and other Club events.
  8. I will comply with the BCSSA Harassment Policy, the current version of which can be found here.

I, on behalf of myself and the other parent(s) and/or guardian(s) of my child(ren), confirm that I have read, understood and agree to comply with the above Vancouver Vikings Swim Club Parent Code of Conduct.

I further confirm that I will comply with and be governed by the provisions of the Vancouver Vikings Swim Club Bylaws (found here) including the provisions of those Bylaws relating to discipline, expulsion and denial of membership.

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