As promised, our online purchase system is now ready to take your orders for any Vikings gear you have been waiting to get your hands on!!

Some things to note:

  • We have changed our sweatshirt colour to navy this year - and it looks GOOD!
  • Our usual clothing options - sweatshirts, sweatpants, t-shirts, tank tops, parkas, backpacks and bathing suits are available for purchase.
  • The parkas, backpacks and sweatshirts will allow for customization with the swimmer’s name.
  • Please note that the sizing charts for the apparel are provided as images with the exception of the swimsuits where you will need to click on the sizing chart.
  • In celebration and commemoration of our Club’s 40th Anniversary this year, we will also be offering limited edition 40th Anniversary T-shirts, sweatshirts and tank tops for purchase! These items will be available for purchase this year ONLY so don’t miss out on this opportunity to snap up these (literally) once in a lifetime items!!
  • You can purchase your swag by visiting this link:; password: VAN399
  • The deadline for orders is May 2, 2021!