This page contains all the “need to know” information about swimming registration for both new and returning Vikings. (For Fee information, click here.)

Most of the information applies to all swimmers, but some applies only to new ones. We suggest you read everything, and then contact our club registrar if you have any questions that we haven’t answered below.

Once you have read this page and are ready to register online, please proceed to the “Registration Forms” section below.

Registration Dates

Fall Session of Winter Maintenance (Sept to Dec 2020)

Our Fall Session ends on December 13, 2020.

Winter Session of Winter Maintenance (Jan to April 2021)

Jan 8 to April 30, with breaks and exceptions (see below).

Registration dates

Dec 28, 2020 at 12.01am to Jan 1,2021 at 11.59pm (FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS)



To assist all families during the pandemic, we have decided to charge our fees on a monthly basis.  Please keep your credit card on file in Active when you register.  If you signed up, it is assumed that you have committed for the entire season.

How to register?

  1. Check which group your child is in. We will circulate the group lists by email. Please register according to your child’s group.
  2. If your child did not swim during the Sept – Dec 2020 session please complete the waiver forms here before registering.
  3. On Dec 28, 2020 register through Active, according to your group on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis.


Summer 2021

The 2021 Summer Swim Season starts May 1st!

Here are all the key registration dates:

  • April 1:  Online registration OPENS for returning swimmers (swimmers who registered for summer 2020 and/or swam with us any time between Sept 2020 and April 2021)

  • April 9:  Registration CLOSES for returning swimmers

  • April 12 to 16th: Registration period for new swimmer assessments 

  • April 18th: New swimmer assessments. These will take place from 7:15 to 9:30pm at Kerrisdale Pool. Only those who register online for an assessment may attend; specific time slots for the assessments will be assigned following registration.

  • April 20: Online registration OPENS for new swimmers accepted into the VIKs following their assessment on April 18th

  • April 23: Online registration CLOSES for new swimmers

  • April 28 (7:00 pm): New Parent Information and Orientation session.  Details regarding this event will be sent directly to new swimmers.

Assessment: Minimum Requirements

The Vikings accept swimmers from age 5 to 18 at many levels of skill and ability. Swimmers who wish to join us for a winter maintenance or summer season who are not currently Vikings members and have not been members for the previous 12 months are required to complete a swimming assessment prior to registration.

On arriving at the pool for their assessment, new swimmers and their parents should meet in the pool waiting area, where they will sign-in for the assessment with a Vikings parent volunteer. Please make sure to bring a swimsuit, goggles, swimcap (if desired) and towel.

The following are the minimum requirements that we expect new swimmers to meet before being accepted into the club. Please note that these standards, which vary depending on the swimmer’s age, are minimums only, and a swimmer’s ability to meet them does not guarantee that he/she will be accepted into the Club. Acceptance of any swimmer into the Vikings is at the full and complete discretion of the Head Coach and may be limited due to space restrictions in a particular training group.

8 years old & under:

  • Understanding of and ability to push off the wall in Streamline
  • Swim 25m of both Freestyle and Backstroke continuously without assistance
  • Progressing towards swimming 25m of Breaststroke
  • Able to do dolphin kick with a kick board for 25m
  • Able to dive in streamline from side of pool

9-10 years old:

  • Understanding of and ability to push off in streamline and do underwater dolphin kicks off wall
  • Basic understanding of and ability to demonstrate a flip turn and to dive from a starting block
  • Swim 50m of each of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke continuously and with speed
  • Swim 25m of Butterfly continuously and with speed
  • Swim 100m Individual Medley

11-12 years old:

  • Mastering underwaters and flip turns needed for all four strokes
  • Understanding of and ability to dive from a starting block into streamline
  • Swim 100m of each of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke continuously and with speed
  • Swim 50m of Butterfly continuously and with speed
  • Swim 200m Individual Medley

13 years old & up:

  • Mastering underwaters, flip turns, and dives
  • Swim 100m of each of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke continuously and with speed
  • Swim 100m of Butterfly continuously
  • Swim 200m Individual Medley with speed

After the swimmer’s assessment is over, the Head Coach will contact him/her or their parents to advise whether they have been selected to join the Vikings. New swimmers who are selected to join the Vikings may register for the summer season online.

See below under Registration Forms for the registration link for the New Swimmer Assessment.

Waivers: Pre-Registration Requirement

If your swimmer is 19 years or younger, click here for the Waiver you must complete before registering.

If your swimmer is over 19 years, click here for the Waiver you must complete before registering.

Return to Sport Plans

You can find our Return to Sport Plans here.

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