As returning VIKs know, we revamped our Vikings Fundraising Program in Summer 2018. We no longer require families to engage in individual fundraising efforts to lower their fees - now, all money raised through Vikings fundraising efforts will benefit the club as a whole! Please read on to learn all about our new approach to fundraising...

Vikings Fundraising: A Change in Focus 

Before 2018, Vikings families were required to pay a fundraising deposit when they registered for the summer season. Families then had various opportunities throughout the summer to earn their deposit back by engaging in individual fundraising activities offered by the Club.  This approach to fundraising was designed to benefit individual members rather than the Club.

After much discussion and reflection, the Board decided to shift the fundraising efforts of our members towards the club as a whole.

As a result, we no longer require parents to provide a fundraising deposit – which means that your overall fees at registration are lower! In return, we are asking our members to help us fundraise (a modest amount) to benefit the Club as a whole!

As reflected in our 2017 parent feedback survey, a key strength for our Club is a sense of belonging and community. Fundraising to benefit our program and our swimmers is directly in line with this Vikings value. Fundraising together to help each other will strengthen our sense of community AND strengthen our financial position - it's a win-win for the Club, and therefore our members.

Our Group Fundraising Goal for the Vikings for 2022 is $5,000 – Help us reach it!!

(A note about the KidSport Swim-a-thon:  Some families have asked about how the KidSport Swimathon in June fits into the Vikings fundraising program. In fact, it doesn’t. The Swimathon is a completely separate event that the Club participates in as a way to give back to our larger BC community. The Swimathon is a one-time event that happens every year at Kits Beach. It combines all the best of summer swimming – including fitness and fun – and allows us to support a cause that we believe in – organized youth sport. The money raised through the Swimathon event goes to KidSport, a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under.)

Group Fundraising Opportunities for 2022

We will update this information in Spring 2022.**

This summer, we are inviting you to support the Club and our swimmers through various Club-focused group fundraising activities. As always, participation is optional, but we encourage you to participate to the extent you are able. Any funds raised through the below activities will go directly to the Club.

Remember, what’s good for the Club is good for your swimmers!

Vikings Burger and Beer Trivia Night Fundraiser

TBD - Covid Dependent

Vikings Swim Meet

This year’s annual Vikings Meet at the Beach will offer two opportunities to raise funds for the Club.

  1. Meet Program Ads. Once again, we will be selling ads in our Meet Program for the Vikings Meet at the Beach in mid-July:  You can sell an ad, or place your own in the Program. With up to 500 swimmers registered at the Meet, and their families in attendance, advertising in the Meet Program is an excellent way to promote your business (or that of someone you know). The cost of the ads range from $50 – 300, and 100% of the money paid for the ad will go back to the club. The 2019 Advertising Rate Sheet (we will post the 2022 version when it is available) and the 2019 sample business request letter are found here:  Vancouver-Vikings-Swim-Club-Rate-Card-2019     2019-Vikings-Business-Request-Letter
  2. Vikings Concession Stand. TBD - Covid Dependent

All proceeds from the sales of these items will go directly to the Club!

Progressive Gift Card Sales 

To be Announced after the season begins.

Direct Donation

Finally, direct monetary donations towards the Club’s fundraising target are ALWAYS welcome, in any amount!

If you would like to make a direct donation to support the VIKs, please email our Treasurer at

Any questions about our program or your options? Email us at