On-site Verbal Health Screening

Each swimmer must complete the Vikings Daily Health Check Prior to coming to practice.  When swimmers arrive on-site for practice, their coach will conduct a verbal health screen for each swimmer.

The Vikings Daily Health Check and the verbal health screening consists of the following questions:

1. Have you been experiencing any of the Covid19 symptoms such as a fever; chills; worsening chronic cough; extreme exhaustion or fatigue; loss of appetite; shortness of breath; a headache does not resolve in 24 hours with medication; loss of sense of smell or taste; diarrhea; and/or nausea & vomiting? 

2. Are you waiting for Covid test results or have you been told to self isolate as per current PHO guidelines or direction?

If you answer “yes” to any part of question 1 and/or 2, please DO NOT come to practice AND please complete the BC 19 Self Assessment Tool; and/or contact 8-1-1 and follow the recommendations provided.  If you do come to practice and answer yes to any of the questions, you will not be permitted to attend practice.