For the first time in 2019, the Vikings offered a special summer program designed for swimmers who train and compete year round – known as “winter club swimmers”.

**All of the dates and information below relate to the 2019 Summer season only.**

The Vikings recognize that our regular summer swimming program may not be the right fit for winter club swimmers, as the winter training and competitive season continues well into the Vikings summer season. Therefore, for winter swimmers who wish to be part of the Vikings family but need to balance their commitment to the Vikings and their winter club, we have established our Summer OCAT Program. Please read on to find out whether you (or your swimmer) might be eligible for this program and the process for registering in the program.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the Summer OCAT Program, a swimmer must be registered with a winter swim club and meet at least one BC provincial time standard.

Application and Registration:  New AND returning swimmers who wish to register in the Summer OCAT Program must email our Head Coach at between March 3 and April 3, 2019 (i.e. before April 4, 2019) to request acceptance into the Program. In their email, the swimmer should specify which winter club he/she is currently registered with, provide details of meeting BC provincial time standards, and express their commitment to meet the practice and meet attendance requirements set out below. The Head Coach will contact the swimmer (or parent) prior to April 19 to advise whether the swimmer may register for the summer season. If accepted, the swimmer must register by the date specified by the Head Coach. Please note that acceptance of swimmers may be limited due to space restrictions in the relevant group.

Summer Swimming Fees: $300

Volunteer requirements: $105 deposit OR 7 hours, PLUS volunteering at the Vikings Meet at the Beach (2 hours each day, 4 hours total), and at Regionals and Provincials if he/she attends those meets. See our Volunteering page for more details.

Practices: From May 1 to July 20, the swimmer MUST swim a minimum of 6 practices total and a maximum of 2 practices per week; from July 20 to BCSSA Provincials (August 15), the swimmer MUST swim a minimum of 2 practices a week, with no maximum.

Meets: The swimmer may attend as many meets as he/she wishes from May through August, but MUST attend at least one swim meet before Regionals (which takes place on the first weekend in August); we strongly encourage swimmers to swim at the Vikings Meet at the Beach in July.   The swimmer must attend Regionals and Provincials, subject to other swimming commitments.

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