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Here’s where you’ll find all the info you need about practices – schedules, pool locations, activation, dryland, and more! So keep reading, please…

Please read the schedule carefully, and check back here regularly since the schedule is subject to change.

Practice Etiquette

Swimmers should arrive 15 minutes early (or at the time their coach advises) for dry land exercises before swim practice.

Parents, for safety reasons, please make sure the pool is open before you drive away after dropping your child off. There has been the odd occasion where the pool has had to close unexpectedly. Please be on time to pick up your children. The coaches are only responsible for their swimmers during scheduled practice time.

The coaches generally remain at the pool for fifteen minutes after the end of practice so if you need to talk to the coaches about your child’s progress, this would be a good time to do so. No parent should be on deck talking to the coaches during practices!


The Vikings practice out of seven different pools in Vancouver. The schedule uses abbreviations to refer to each pool, as follows:

  • LB: Lord Byng Community Centre
  • KE: Kerrisdale Community Centre
  • SGS.: St George’s Senior School
  • JCC: Jewish Community Centre
  • HC: Hillcrest
  • UBC: University of British Columbia

For all these pools, swimmers should follow these basic rules:

  • Don’t wear outdoor shoes on deck
  • Do shower before your enter the pool
  • Do double-check after practice to make sure you haven’t left anything behind

In addition to the above, here are some reminders that apply to specific pools. Please PLEASE respect these rules. Our use of these facilities is a privilege, not a right.


If the front door is not open, you may have to access the pool through the back entrance on 43rd Ave.


  • You may drive onto and park on SGS property to drop off or pick up your swimmer after 5:00 pm on weekdays and at any time on weekends. Please observe safe driving / parking practices as this is a high pedestrian traffic area.
  • Please arrive on site no earlier than 30 minutes before your practice  and do your best to vacate within 15 minutes after your practice ends.
  • You are prohibited from using any of the school facilities other than the pool area. You may not warmup, play, run, loiter on or otherwise use the school field, parking lot, or hallways in any way.
  • Activation is not permitted in the hallway(s) near the pool – activation happens on deck ONLY, and only within the 15 minutes prior to practice.
  • Swimmers and coaches may use the kickboards, pullbuoys and mats found on deck. Please make sure to put this gear away at the end of practice.
  • Fins, stretch cords and the other gear that is contained in the storage room at the deep end of the pool are NOT to be used at any time.
  • Make sure that your shoes are clean (no mud / dirt) before entering the pool deck. Please wipe your shoes at the entrance door and the pool door and remove them if they are dirty
  • SGS is not responsible for lost or missing items so please take care of your belongings.  The best option is to bring all bags and gear on deck and place them on the bleachers in an area where they can be seen.  The school has a lost and found but will keep lost items for 3 weeks only.
  • Use of cell phones in the changerooms is prohibited at all times.


  • On Mondays and Wednesdays, access to the JCC and the pool is through the main entrance off the large parking lot.
  • On Fridays, all access in and out of the pool area must occur through the back patio doors. These back doors can be accessed from the lane that is behind the JCC building.
  • At any other time that the front access to the building is closed, please use the back doors.


  • Access to the facility is through the main entrance. Access to the locker rooms is via the turnstile located to the left of the front desk – please check in with the front desk first. The participant list is located at the front. All athletes must access the pool area from this entrance and via the change rooms. Doors to the facility are not to be propped open and entrance to the deck is not permitted through the gate in the viewing area.
  • Participants are granted access through the turnstile in the front lobby 30min prior to the start of your rental. Deck access is permitted 15min prior to your rental.
  • Lockers: There are coin day use lockers available for $1 or $.025 depending on the size of the locker. There are also cubbie holes on deck to store your items.
  • On-deck dry-land / warm-up areas:
    • 50m: North end under the LED screen;
    • 25m: North end between the diving boards and the change rooms
  • Equipment storage: There is no dedicated storage space at this time.
  • Paper copies of workouts are not be a left on the natatorium deck, walls nor ceiling.
  • Outside footwear is not permitted on the pool deck or shower areas. Bare feet, aqua shoes or deck sandals/shoes only.
  • ALL participants must shower before entering the water.
  • There is no food or beverages, aside from water, are allowed on deck. No glass containers.
  • UBC Aquatic Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • All Vikings should familiarize themselves with the new UBC Aquatic Centre rules and etiquette s well as the UBC Recreation Policies updated fall 2016. General information can be found here.

Fall 2018 Practice Schedule

For the Fall 2018 practice schedule, click here.

Winter 2019 Practice Schedule

For the Winter 2019 practice schedule, click here.

Summer Practice Schedule

Our 2019 Summer Swim Season opens May 1. Our practice schedule, once finalized, is available here.

Private Lessons

Here is the Vikings’ position on private swim lessons during the summer season:

  1. The Vikings as a Club, including our Coaches, have endeavoured to create a summer swimming program that meets every swimmer’s training and development needs, ideally eliminating the need for VIK families to seek supplemental swim instruction for their athletes.
  2. If a Vikings family wishes to hire a coach (whether a Vikings coach or a coach not working with the Club) to provide private lessons, the Vikings will not get involved in that family’s decision. It is up to each individual parent/swimmer/family to make choices about their child’s need for additional training. If a family is unsure about a swimmer’s need for additional individual instruction, parents are welcome to discuss this issue with their Group Coach to get his/her input.
  3. The Vikings Coaches are available to provide private lessons to Vikings swimmers on request. They have agreed to set a standard price at $40 per one hour private lesson, or $30 per hour per swimmer for a semi-private lesson (i.e., the total fee for a one hour semi-private lesson with 2 swimmers is $60), plus the cost of any pool rental. The Vikings do not provide additional pool time for private lessons. (We have used up all the pool time we can find on practices!)
  4. If a Vikings family requests private lessons from a Vikings Coach other than the particular swimmer’s Group Coach, the “private lesson” Coach will likely speak to the Group Coach prior to the private lesson  about the planned focus of the lesson so that both Coaches are working together to support the swimmer.
  5. We encourage all VIK parents and Coaches to deal with the issue of private lessons openly, transparently, respectfully, and collaboratively.  For any family that does decide to seek private lessons, we would also strongly encourage you to schedule these at a time that does not interfere with your swimmer’s ability to participate in his/her scheduled VIK group practices.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please contact our Club President at or Head Coach at

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