Jonathan Kraft

Head Coach, Coach SR1 (


Coach Jon has coached with the Vikings for the last three summer seasons and in this, his fourth season, he will be transitioning into the role of Head Coach, taking over from Coach Kevin last summer and Coach Laura in 2016. He will also be coaching the SR1 group.

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    Erin Stamp

    Coach, SR2 (

    Coach Erin is very excited to be returning for her second summer season with the Vikings! Having previously coached the MV1s, she is looking forward to the new and exciting challenges that will come with leading an older group.

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      Sam Corea

      Coach, INT1 (

      Sam Corea

      Coach Sam grew up in the Vancouver area and swam for VPSC during her high school tenure. She continued her post-education at the University of Denver where she graduated with a BA in Studio Art and English in 2015. She is currently completing her Master’s degree at UBC in Architecture.

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        Alexandra Kouzas

        Coach, INT2 (


        Coach Alexandra grew up in South Africa and swam competitively for 9 years. She then moved to Canada in 2013 to continue swimming while attending UBC.

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          Lauren Caswell

          Coach, JRs (

          Lauren is thrilled to be returning to the club where her own swimming career started! Ten summers ago, Lauren started competitive swimming as a young and enthusiastic “MiniViking”.

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            Kiersten Gilberg

            Coach, MV1 (

            Coach Kiersten started her swimming career as a Viking swimmer in 2007 at the age of 8 and is very excited to be returning to the Club to coach the MV1 group this summer.

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              Hadley Gunther

              Coach, MV2 (

              This will be Hadley’s first summer season coaching with the Vikings and she couldn’t be more excited! Hadley has swum with the Vikings the for past 7 seasons and is so happy to be coaching and giving back to the Vikings in her 8th.

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                Mackenzie McCord

                Coach, Splashers (

                Mackenzie swam for her hometown club, the Richmond Rapids, for 12 years before stepping away from the competitive side of the sport to begin her coaching career in the club's swim school program.

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