Counting Strokes on the Way to Best Times (Coaches’ Corner #8)

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By Gareth Saunders, Coach, SR2 stroke count

As we progress through the season, you’re going to hear coaches talking more and more about stroke count and swimming efficiency.  Both of these aspects of swimming are crucial in becoming a better swimmer.

The more efficient each stroke is, the faster you will be. If a swimmer can get down the pool in twelve strokes and do it in fifteen seconds, compared to sixteen strokes in fifteen seconds, they are doing a better job of each stroke they are taking. Focusing on counting strokes in practice is an easy way to track stroke improvement and see strides made in overall fitness, and is a great way to help hold technique when tired.

Below is link to an article written by Olivier Poirier-Leroy. Olivier is a former swimmer from Nanaimo who is now a feature columnist for Swim Swam. Swim Swam is the world leader in online swimming news, and was co-founded by former BCSSA swimmer Davis Wuolle. Check them out at and enjoy.

Article: Why You Should be Counting Your Strokes in Practice.