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More Thoughts on Controlling Your Pre-Race Jitters: Trust and Music (Coaches’ Corner August 7)

By Sam Corea, Coach INT1. After seeing how the Vikings family reacted under pressure at Regionals, I think it is important to give more attention towards some effective ways at managing pre-race stress.  These mixed emotions of excitement, fear, and unrest are normal and pretty typical of every swimmer. But, it is how we decide […]

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Take Control of the Butterflies in your Tummy: How To Manage Pre-Race Nerves (Coaches’ Corner July 23)

By Alexandra Kouzas, INT2 Coach. The biggest meet of the season is upon us. We have two weeks till Regionals. This is where you need to perform. This one meet determines whether you make it to Provincials. For some, the butterflies might slowly be fluttering  in your stomach and for others, the butterflies may not […]

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