Summer Practice Schedules

Here’s where you can find the Vikings practice schedule for summer in two formats: online calendar and pdf. Pdf versions of our calendar for the whole summer are available below. The practices for July and August will be input into our online calendar shortly.

Online / E-Calendar

By clicking on “Categories” at the top of the schedule, you can filter the calendar view by swim practice groups.

You may subscribe to the online calendar and have it import into your iCal, Google** or other calendar by doing the following:

  1. Clicking on “Categories” at the top of the schedules below.
  2. Select the practice group(s) that you would like to add to your calendar (e.g. INT1).
  3. At the bottom right, below the schedule you will see a “Subscribe” button (on your mobile version, this may appear just as a graphic, without the word “Subscribe”). Click on this button and select the calendar type that you would like to import to.
  4. Depending on your operating system, a dialogue box will open and you can then follow the prompts from there to import the practice schedule to your calendar.

**Please note that Google Calendar will sometimes experience a delay in showing any updates we make to the Vikings Practice Schedule Calendar. Typically, any changes we make will be reflected on your Google Calendar within 24 hours (assuming that you have correctly subscribed through your Google Calendar in the first place).

Also, if you note any discrepancies between the pdf and online calendar, please rely on the pdf version (and email us here asap to let us know)!

Any questions? Email our Communications Coordinator here.

PDF Schedules

You can also download the schedules in pdf form here:

Vancouver Vikings Pool Schedule May 2018 (updated May 12)

Vancouver Vikings Pool Schedule June 2018 (updated May 10)

Vancouver Vikings Pool Schedule July 2018

Vancouver Vikings Pool Schedule August 2018 (updated July 26)

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