Sweet Dreams (Coaches’ Corner, June 25)

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By Coach Hadley, MV2. It’s 12PM on a Friday night, and you just finished an episode of your favorite show on Netflix. You know you have to get up at 6AM for swim practice the next morning, but you decide to watch another episode for an hour because 5 hours of sleep is fine right? WRONG! For all the swimmers …

Recovery Strategies (Coaches’ Corner, June 11)

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By Kiersten Gilberg, Coach JRs. It’s the point of the season where the end of school is fast approaching, practices are getting tougher, and the first wave of meets is upon us. With all this happening, it is also the time when many swimmers find themselves bogged down, fatigued, and frustrated. With this in mind, it is important to do …

Surviving a “Best Time” Drought (Coaches’ Corner June 4, 2018)

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By Lauren Caswell, Coach MV1. You are putting in tons of effort at practice every day and your coach is very pleased with how much your stroke fundamentals have improved since May.  However, for some reason, the best times that you easily achieved at past meets have all of the sudden disappeared.   You are starting to get frustrated because several …

Junior Leaders – We Want YOU!

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Again this summer, we are seeking eager and professional swimmers who would like to gain coaching experience by becoming a Junior Leader. This is a great stepping stone to someday becoming a Vikings Assistant Coach, and possibly even a Group Coach. Interested? Keep reading.